XVII Simposio de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía PolíticaLa precariedad y los desafíos de la democracia (Tlaxcala, México; 13-15 of July 2022)

Axis 1. Spatial justice in urban contexts: exclusion, social integration and common goods

Coords: Francisco Colom González (Instituto de Filosofía, CSIC, España) and Carlos Alberto Patiño Villa (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

Email: tema1simposioaifp@uatx.mx

The evaluation of public policies aimed at alleviating exclusion in cities needs to develop an urban perspective on the principles of justice. The aim of this section is to address what we might call an «urban theory of justice». This perspective must take into account the rival consumption of limited goods -such as public space or services- and identity affiliations -such as the various forms of discrimination or residential segregation- but it must also consider the common goods of an urban nature and the factors that contribute in general to the creation of individual and collective capacities in the built environment.